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"Taking the Sacred Pelvis course allowed me to give myself permission to think about and explore my femininity. I started to see myself differently and appreciate myself as a woman so much more.

Very thought provoking. Leaves you wanting more.

Jen’s easy and warm personality makes it really comfortable to share personal information in a way that’s different from other providers. I learned a lot about my body and it’s prompted me to do more work on my own.

Jen prepared each class so thoughtfully and presented the topics so enthusiastically.

She helped me feel safe amongst a group of women I had never met. I felt like she listened and really heard each one of us.

I think the Sacred Pelvis class would benefit new moms by helping them feel the power of their bodies, especially when things feel different and out of control. It would also be helpful to women who are struggling with things sexually. Being able to talk about challenges in a safe space would be so supportive."

"Jen Kraft is an angel for me. From the first contact, she was responsive and accessible. Jen is a rare find - a PT offering Holistic Pelvic Care. Her skillful presence guided me through emotions and pain to my intuition and sense of pleasure. Jen always gave me a energetic boost and a sense of community. Her PT work is soothing and powerful. I recommend her, as well as Holistic Pelvic Care, highly!" JT.

“Jen knows her stuff and is able to really get to the core of the problem. She is warm, compassionate, and encouraging. What I love most, though, is that she is never judgmental about my level of fitness or ability, and is always ready with alternative exercises for me when I can't do something. Thank-you, Jen!” S.T.

"Jen treated me for a snowboarding injury and then again later for prenatal back pain. The best part of working with Jen is that she combines professionalism, anatomical knowledge, and intuitiveness. She is not only a medical practitioner but a healer." T.G.

“I really believe your gentle approach helped healed me. Being flexible with each session and making necessary adaption - instead of following a plan that maybe outdated. Your ability to listen and allowing me to talk about everything and anything during the session was a bonus I did not expect! Also, you try very hard to make sure we are communicating appropriately, clarifying our understanding etc.” T.S.

"Jen's skill as a physical therapist combined with her study of alternative, complementary, and other nurturing modalities makes for a holistic and personalized experience. Her warmth as a person is an added bonus and enhances the process. She was able to flexible in scheduling, which was valuable. I am very grateful for the care I received from her." J.R.

“Jen was my first Physical Therapist. I was a real skeptic before my first appointment but all that changed and a year later I am back to normal with my shoulder. Jen is very gentle and creative with her approach. She never made me feel bad for not doing my exercises! She reminded me of my progress and made me feel good - which helps my healing process, I believe! If I ever have any issues, I am going back to see Jen as soon as I can.” T.S.

“Jen is compassionate, knowledgeable, sympathetic, fun, open, enthusiastic, uses a wide range of modalities.” S.F.

“I appreciate that you lock in on the issue quickly and break down the treatments into manageable chunks. I also like that you blend movement with massage. I appreciate that you, as a trained professional, can register which will work best in any given moment. I also appreciate that you send homework after each visit. It helps to keep me on track until our next visit and really has worked well in the healing process.” T.G.

“PT with Jen has been a wonderful experience. She provides a combination of acupressure, massage, deep tissue, and taping. My body feels and works better than when I came in and I have learned a lot.” C.H.

“Jen! I just have to say, wow. Our session yesterday was amazing. I felt so much lighter, happier, more calm and I didn't know why! One of my biggest take away was to practice breathing even when I'm sitting down to drink coffee! I had so forgotten about the practice of living meditation. And I feel like I've been holding it so much the past few weeks and I finally let out a nice breath yesterday. It was exactly what my body needed. You have such a calming and centered presence. My mom is looking for a PT and I am encouraging her to try you out. “ V.B.

Jen Kraft, PT
206 250-7975

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