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Holistic Pelvic Care™

Discover how to access the powerful medicine and beauty within your body’s center. Nourish your core, alleviate pain, and engage the energetic power of your pelvic bowl in order to more fully thrive.

What is Holistic Pelvic Care?
Holistic Pelvic Care is preventative health care for any woman and is beneficial for a variety of symptoms and issues. Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a gentle and profound healing modality for women pioneered by Tami Lynn Kent, based on her extensive experience as a women’s health physical therapist.
Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a practice consisting of physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate, restore balance, and enhance the vibrant flow of your pelvic bowl. The techniques help reestablish strength and balance in the pelvic musculature, increase blood flow to the pelvic organs, and help decrease problematic symptoms. Just as other major muscles of the body can become tightened, stressed and imbalanced from overwork, so too can the internal muscles of the pelvic bowl become imbalanced from illness, stress, or trauma.

What Can I expect in a Holistic Pelvic Care session?
Initial visit includes an intake, an introduction to pelvic anatomy, an assessment inter-vaginally of pelvic floor muscles consisting of a strength assessment during a pelvic squeeze (or Kegal exercise), and assessment of internal pelvic trigger points and tension patterns. The assessment is followed by treatment to balance the pelvis through such techniques such as inter-vaginal massage, smoothing of the pelvic fascia, gentle trigger point muscle release, restorative breath work, and visualization to assist core physical and energetic balance. Follow-up visits include a brief re-assessment and focus on treatment.

Who will benefit from Holistic Pelvic Care?
Whether you experience pelvic symptoms or simply want to connect more deeply with your root and pelvic bowl, Holistic Pelvic Care can be an essential component to your feminine vitality. Women also benefit from receiving annual pelvic tune-ups as a part of their general wellness plan or when preparing for pregnancy.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ can be considered for any woman who wishes to:
  • Alleviate pelvic pain, discomfort, and congestion
  • Restore pelvic floor muscle balance
  • Enhance wellness
  • Address menstrual imbalances
  • Prepare for pregnancy
  • Healing post-partum effects of birth (vaginal and c-section)
  • Support healing of miscarriage and birth loss
  • Heal traumatic or difficult birth
  • Enhance creativity and joy
  • Increase sexual health, libido, and orgasm
  • Alleviate painful intercourse
  • Restore access to sensuality
  • Support transition to menopause
  • Support organ health and alignment
  • Restore core energy flow
  • Connect with your pelvic space in order to occupy your feminine ground physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Is pelvic massage painful?
My approach to Holistic Pelvic Care is gentle and filled with reverence for the sacredness of our body, mind, and spirit. I have a deep sense of awe of the powerful medicine accessible to us when we connect with our pelvic bowl. The response of a woman’s body guides the depth and direction of the hands-on work. Though HPC is gentle, the effects are profound and women often notice a change with even one session.

How many visits are recommended?
Some clients receive treatment for an extended period and others just for a few visits. Length of treatment depends on the extent of a woman’s symptoms and how long she has been having them. Three sessions are recommended to restore basic pelvic balance.

What if I’m pregnant?
Internal pelvic work is not done during pregnancy, but visualization and energetic tools assist pelvic connection and balance during pregnancy as preparation for childbirth.

When should I come in after childbirth?
Typically, six weeks post-partum is a good time to begin. If a woman is struggling after a traumatic birth experience, external hands-on work can also be initiated immediately to calm her post-partum body and spirit. Treatment can also be effective when initiated decades after childbirth. Women describe feeling more peaceful even with one treatment session, easing their transition to motherhood.

What if I have a Caesarean birth?
A Caesarean birth will benefit from HPC as well, with fascial work directly to the Caesarean mark and internal work to address the imbalances caused by any prolonged vaginal birth attempt. If there is any disappointment that arises from a Caesarean, bodywork lightens this effect and allows the mother to process the birth event.
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